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Looking for high-performance, fully flexible hosting? Our Cloud Servers will have you flying high with advanced technology, super-fast speeds and complete control of dedicated resources.

Flexible, lightning-fast servers

  • Up to 16 vCores
  • Up to 128GB RAM
  • Up to 1TB SSD storage
  • Full root access
  • Down-to-the-minute billing
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Scalable, customisable and downright powerful

Your projects deserve nothing but the best and our Cloud Servers have it all taken care of. You get ultimate performance from powerful Intel processors, 100% SSD storage and up to 128GB RAM. As your project grows, you can increase your resources to handle more data and traffic spikes plus get down-to-the-minute billing for extra control.

More than just Cloud Server hosting

Our Cloud Servers aren’t just somewhere to host your projects, they offer excellent performance, top tech specs and flexible usage. And we have an expert support team on hand to help whenever you need them.


With a combination of lightning-fast SSD, load balancing, Intel Xeon processor technology and 400mbs connectivity we’ll have your project’s performance sky-rocketing.

Full root access

It’s your server so you should call the shots. Get complete control including the updates, programmes and changes that are best for your project. Plus, fully manage flexible resources that scale on demand.

Pay as you use

No one likes unexpected fees. With us, there are no upfront costs and you can see down-to-the-minute usage with ongoing cost estimates. And you can easily start, stop or pause your server.

24/7 support

Whatever time you’re working, we’re working too. Just a phone call away, our support team is always there to give the real support you need 24/7.

Choose one of our pre-built Cloud Servers

Whatever you’ll be using it for, our awesome pre-built packages have been specially put together to cover every type of project.

All packages include:

  • 400mbs connectivity
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Full root access

Unfortunately this server is currently out of stock

To discuss what we can do for you please call us on +1 289 204 8074

  • Intel Xeon Gold 6226R
  • 1 core x 3.5GHz
  • 2GB RAM
  • DDR4 ECC
  • 50 GB NVME
  • (2 x 50GB)
  • Software RAID 1
First month
then €29.99 per month
per month
CONFIGURE Call us on +1 289 204 8074

Unfortunately this server is currently out of stock

To discuss what we can do for you please call us on +1 289 204 8074

  • Intel Xeon Gold 6226R NVME
  • 2 cores x 3.5GHz
  • 4GB RAM
  • DDR4 ECC
  • 120GB NVME
  • (2 x 120GB)
  • Software RAID 1
First month
then €49.99 per month
per month
CONFIGURE Call us on +1 289 204 8074

Unfortunately this server is currently out of stock

To discuss what we can do for you please call us on +1 289 204 8074

  • Intel Xeon Gold 6226R NVME
  • 4 cores x 3.5GHz
  • 8GB RAM
  • DDR4 ECC
  • 200 GB NVME
  • (2 x 200GB)
  • Software RAID 1
First 3 months
then €59.99 per month
per month
CONFIGURE Call us on +1 289 204 8074

Unfortunately this server is currently out of stock

To discuss what we can do for you please call us on +1 289 204 8074

  • Intel Xeon Gold 6226R NVME
  • 8 cores x 3.5GHz
  • 16GB RAM
  • DDR4 ECC
  • 250 GB NVME
  • (2 x 250 GB)
  • Software RAID 1
First month
then €80 per month
per month
CONFIGURE Call us on +1 289 204 8074

Unfortunately this server is currently out of stock

To discuss what we can do for you please call us on +1 289 204 8074

  • Intel Xeon Gold 6226R NVME
  • 8 cores x 3.5GHz
  • 32GB RAM
  • DDR4 ECC
  • 512GB NVME
  • (2 x 512GB)
  • Software RAID 1
First month
then €99.99 per month
per month
CONFIGURE Call us on +1 289 204 8074

A closer look at our Cloud Servers

Want to delve into the techie bits? Use the dropdowns below to look through the extra details and features of our Cloud Server hosting.

General features


Down-to-the-minute-billing, with actual and estimated usage.

Choice of data centre location

UK, Germany, Spain, United States

Unmetered traffic


Multiple servers


Scalable resources

Increase/decrease RAM, CPU on demand.

Storage can be scaled but can't be reduced once increased or lowered to below the original purchase level

Block storage


Load balancing




24/7 tech support



Data centres

ISO 27001 certified

Firewall management

Yes. Create custom firewall policies

S3 Bucket (optional)

Available as an add-on

Server snapshots

Yes, going back up to 3 days

Server images

Yes, create copies of any of our cloud servers. This can be scheduled

Server management

Full root access


Control panel


Directadmin control panel (optional)

Available as an add-on for both Linux and Windows

Installable applications

WordPress, Docker, Magento, Drupal, Nextcloud, Plesk, Joomla, Subversion, Odoo, OpenCart, PrestaShop


Yes. One-off action to duplicate a selected server

Operating systems and additional specifications


Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2022


Alma Linux 8

CentOS 7

CentOS Stream 8, CentOS Stream 9

Debian 10, Debian 11


openSUSE Leap 15

Photon OS

Rocky Linux 8


Ubuntu 20.04

Ubuntu 22.04

Microsoft database (optional)

Available as an add-on with Windows. Billed per core.

MS SQL 2016/2017 Standard

MS SQL 2016/2017 Web

Memory supported


Storage supported


No. of vCPUs

16 per VM

Maximum IPs

Up to 20

Billed on a per-core basis

Our intuitive Control Panel

Take the reins and grow your Cloud Server infrastructure with our intuitive Control Panel. With full root/admin access, it’s a piece of cake to manage your dedicated resources, scale your virtual machines and view and control your usage all from one place!

Stay in control

When we say you get complete control, we really mean it. With our Cloud Server hosting, not only can you fully manage your resources, you can also start or stop your server – all with ongoing cost estimates and nothing to pay upfront.

Start or stop

It’s simple to start or stop your plan at the end of the month. The total amount payable will be shown on the last day of the month and the balance is payable on the 1st of the next month.

Pause your server

Save yourself the headache and pause your server without the worry of losing your resources. Your storage, CPUs, RAM and IP address are all reserved for you. Whilst your plan is paused, only the total amount of storage given to your plan is billed.

Actual usage

If you’ve got costs on your mind, don’t worry. You can view a detailed summary of all chargeable features in your CloudNX plan and delve deeper into your usage and charges for each item.

Estimated usage

Want to see the future? Now you can (sort of). We make daily and monthly budgets simple to manage and you can see projected upcoming invoices based on current usage and latest settings.

Why choose Cloud Server hosting?

Still wondering why Cloud Servers are for you? It’s simple – they give the optimised performance, flexibility and scalability your project needs.

Their multi-tier architecture means that separate presentation, application and data layers offer improved reliability. Plus, they offer unmetered bandwidth, full root/admin access and 400mbs connectivity, all whilst being run on advanced Intel Xeon processor technology.

We keep you ahead of the competition, exactly where you should be.



processor technology


RAM for superior performance


down-to-the-minute usage control

Cloud Servers that stand out from the crowd

If performance, reliability and control weren’t enough, here are even more reasons to love our Cloud Servers.

Geo-redundant solutions

Share traffic over multiple servers across many regions. Flexible firewall policies and powerful load balancers make sure your platform is always available.

Horizontal platform scaling

Don’t let traffic spikes phase you. Create flexible environments for application development and immediately boost performance with additional resources.

Choice of operating systems

Stick with an OS you know and love, or maybe try something new. Choose from a wide range of popular Windows and Linux operating systems.

US or international data centres

Wherever your visitors are, make sure their experience is optimised for them. Host your Cloud Server in one of our data centres in the UK, US, Germany or Spain.

Fully flexible resources

You’ll have the room you need to grow and get more power and storage as your website expands – all resource controls are at your fingertips!

Work with your favourite apps

Run popular applications like WordPress, Docker, Magento and Plesk and take your website to the next level.

Cloud Server hosting built by pros, for pros

We’ve been trusted by businesses and web pros alike for over 20 years so it’s safe to say we know a thing or two. With loads of experience to share and an expert support team here to help 24/7, there are many other reasons to choose our Cloud Servers.

Unmetered bandwidth

With our Cloud Servers, you don’t have to worry about traffic spikes. Send as much data as you need to your visitors, without having to compromise on performance. And we won’t surprise you with any additional fees!

Provisioned in minutes

Get your server up and running in a matter of minutes. Set up almost instantly, you can get straight to enjoying a high-performance network with minimal disruption to your project.


Defending your servers has never been so important and you can do it with private networks and firewalls. And you can safely test and restore with snapshots, images and clones, all hosted in our ISO 27001 certified data centres.

Cloud Server hosting that’s an all-rounder

Whatever you’re working on, Cloud Servers can push your project further. The possibilities are limitless.

IT infrastructure

A scalable and cost-effective answer for your internal IT infrastructure, especially for larger/growing businesses. Operate everything centrally while still giving employees access across multiple locations.

Education and institutions

Whether it’s for resource sharing or live training, deliver courses and sessions on demand for flexible teaching. Make learning and collaboration hassle-free between students and teachers alike with your own private cloud network.

Software development

Develop software on a server that can grow with your project with fully flexible resources. Use snapshots, images and clones to easily restore versions and with down-to-the-minute billing, you only pay for what you use!


Get beefy performance and unmetered bandwidth whilst running powerful apps like Magento and PrestaShop. Set up shop knowing that you can handle seasonal traffic spikes, no sweat.

Industrial networking

Develop, host and run your web and mobile apps at blazing speeds with servers powered by Intel Xeon processors. And with scalable storage, you’ll have plenty of room for data, files and content.

Game servers

Play by your own rules, whether you want to host your own co-op Minecraft world, or play your fave first-person shooter with custom maps, do it all on powerful servers that perform.

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