Four reasons to switch to cloud hosting

It is becoming increasingly common for medium-sized businesses to rent IT resources from professional hosting services, rather than buying them outright and having to supply their own specialists for maintenance. Some enterprises have even gone one step further and decided to use the processing power and storage capacity of an external hosting service, the two most prevalent forms of which are dedicated hosting and virtual private servers. For a monthly fee, customers can hire specialised web hosting IT resources in various packages, which include features such as web space, RAM, and CPU performance. The only difference between the two hosting services is the exclusivity of the hardware components available. With virtual hosting, several users share the resources of one high-performing server. Using a dedicated server, on the other hand, means that entire server and all its hardware components are available to a single customer. This offers unrestricted performance, extensive configuration options and maximum security. Due to these merits, the dedicated server was considered to be the ideal web hosting model for businesses for a long time.

1. Cost reduction

2. Flexibility and scalability

3. Reduced development cycles

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