8 Reasons VPS Hosting is Best for Growing Websites

Congratulations. The good news is that your website has become really successful. You’re getting thousands of visitors a day and your sales have steadily increased. As a result, you’ve got plans to extend your site, add new features and launch a new marketing campaign to bring in even more traffic. But there’s a problem, your shared hosting package isn’t up to the task. It’s struggling to cope with current demands; adding new apps and increasing traffic requires an upgrade.

What is a VPS?

1. Cost-effective growth

2. Freedom to run the apps you want

As a managed service, you’ll also find that your host provides a range of security measures, including OS updates and patching, firewalls, intrusion monitoring and remote backups.

6. Easy hosting upgrades

7. You can use multiple VPS

As part of the managed service provided for VPS users, not only is your software taken care of but the hardware too. Servers are constantly upgraded, monitored for performance and maintained, helping you stay ahead of the competition.


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