Creating an Additional Administrator Account (VPS Windows Server 2016/2019)


  1. Log in to the desired server as an administrator.

  2. To open the Windows settings, press the key combination Windows key + i. As an alternative: Click Start > Settings.

  3. Click Accounts.


  • Windows Server 2016: Click Other People.

    Windows Server 2019: Click Other Users.

  • Windows Server 2016: Click Add someone else to this PC.

    Windows Server 2019: Click Add another person to this PC.

  • In the navigation bar on the right, click Users.




  • In the menu bar, click Action > New User.







  • In the User name field, enter the desired user name.

  • Optional: In the Full name field, type the name of the administrator.

  • Optional: Enter a description in the Description field.

  • Enter the desired password and repeat it.





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